Want to feature your artwork on my YouTube channel?

It's easy! Just contact me via Discord or email.

email: vorpal.lance@gmail.com Discord: Vorpal Lance Music#4109

Please include the artwork you wish to match with a song or inquire about what kind of art that I need.

I want to make sure to credit you correctly, so include the name you wish me to display in the video and any social media/art gallery links you'd like me to include in the video description as well.

I'm also looking for art collabs, where I make a song to match your art. As well as art-trade, I make you a song, you give me some art in exchange.

I have a couple of requirements for the artwork before I can use it, so please keep these in mind:

  • Art MUST be SFW. This will be going on YouTube, so it must meet the community guidelines.

  • The art must be at least vaguely representative of the song it will be accompanying.

  • The art MUST be originally yours. If it is found out that the art has been stolen, the video will be taken down, I will cooperate with the original artist, and you will be banned from participating any artwork in the future. No exceptions.

  • I will always accept original character art, but can't guarantee that I will be able to use it. While I can appreciate a well-crafted portrait, I'm more likely to use a character in an action pose, or showing a certain emotion, or interacting with their background environment/other characters.

  • Landscape/Environment art is the most likely to be used.